Debunking Dance Myths

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Having taught dance for over 20 years, we have heard just about every reason that someone feels that they aren’t compatible with ballroom dancing. It is unfortunate because dancing is expressive, vibrant, passionate, and brings people together. It’s romantic and healthy at just about every level. Here, we are going to choose some of the common reasons people talk themselves out of ballroom dancing and debunk them. 

Myth: Learning to dance is too expensive.

Fact: At River Oaks School of Dancing, lessons can be packaged for you in a variety of ways. If you need to be ready for an upcoming wedding? We offer an array of lessons at different prices. You can take group lessons, which not only hold down costs but allow you to meet and dance with like-minded folks. We also have private lessons, if that is something you’re interested in.

Myth: Ballroom dancing is hard. 

Fact: You will not look like a professional the first time you hit the dance floor. Nobody does. While a high level of proficiency is a long-term goal worth striving for, being able to complete the basic steps of the foxtrot or waltz is not beyond anyone. It’s a simple count and a few basic movements of the feet, and voila, you are dancing. 

Myth: I’m going to look silly.

Fact: No one who is learning looks silly, and most other people on the dance floor are too busy to be staring at you. On top of that, most people are not naturals at any new thing they undertake. Once you commit to learning and spending some time on the dance floor and practicing, you will gain confidence and feel comfortable dancing. Until then, relax, learn, and enjoy.

Any Myths You Want Debunked?

If you are still having doubts about taking dance classes, we would be glad to answer any questions and address your concerns. Contact us today and discuss the many classes available so that you can get on the dancefloor!

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