Dad Can Benefit From Dance

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Father’s Day is just days away and you might not know what you’re getting Dad. You could always buy him new socks or a new tie or a toolbox. Instead of buying those predictable gifts, you could give him something unexpected, enjoyable, and long-lasting. You could give Dad the gift of dance by signing him up for dance lessons! Here are some reasons why dance is the gift that should be on everyone’s list of presents to get Dad.

Added Benefit of Exercise

Dance is a great form of exercise. It burns calories and builds cardio endurance. For fathers who don’t care for the gym or take part in sports, dance can fill that void and help their heart health and get them in shape.

Great for a Social Life

Perhaps Dad doesn’t get out much. Maybe he lacks in the social department. River Oaks School of Dancing holds regular dance parties and group dance classes that allow people to meet, mix, and mingle in a low-pressure atmosphere. Between lessons and parties, Dad will meet plenty of new friends and have plenty of opportunities to rebuild his social life.

Reboot the Romance

There’s no better way to create or reboot romance than through the closeness of dance. Partner dances are cooperative and involve touching and other non-verbal forms of communication that strengthen relationships.

Dad Deserves Different

Dad already knows he’s the “World’s Best Dad.” He has years of coffee mugs and Father’s Day cards to prove it. Do something different this year and get Dad the gift of dance. Contact us, or check out our group schedule to purchase dance lessons for the special Dad in your life.

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Give the Gift of Dance

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