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Wedding Dance Lessons in Houston

Dance at Your Wedding!

Many soon-to-be married couples are anxious and nervous about their first dance. They don’t want to appear awkward on stage, and they want to give their guests a good show. River Oaks School of Dancing offers wedding dance lessons in Houston, so that you can be the dancing stars at your wedding.

Dance and Bond with Your Partner

wedding dance lessons Houston Taking dance lessons together as a couple provides tangible relationship benefits at a time when most couples are stressed about planning their perfect wedding. Dancing together facilitates a closer bond and better communication. You will gain a better understanding of your partner and how he or she moves. You will learn cooperation, and you will repeatedly reignite the passion that brought you together and motivated you to get married.

Choosing a Dance Style

Our dance studio offers comprehensive lessons in the Foxtrot, Waltz, East Coast and West Coast Swing, Samba, Bolero, Mambo and Merengue, and many other dance styles. Because the tempo and rhythm of music determines the dance style, your first dance will depend on what’s best suited for the music you choose. Some couples know the music they consider “their song,” and some already know what style they want their first dance to be, but this isn’t necessary to begin preparing for your event. If you’re undecided about either music or dance style, your dance instructor will be able to provide expert guidance to make these selections. They will create a choreography to fit whatever music suits your tastes, and teach you the moves so that you can wow your guests and create the beautiful moment you envision, with lasting memories for everyone.

Country Western Dance Styles

If your style leans toward country, we offer several western dance styles, including the Country Waltz, Polka, Two-Step and West Coast Swing. These dances are sure to start any western themed reception off right by letting you and your new spouse kick up your heels and have a great time showing off your new dance moves.

Passionate Latin Dance Styles

If you’re looking to display your fire and passion on your wedding day, schedule lessons to learn the Salsa, Tango, Cha-Cha, or Rumba. These are considered some of the most passionate dance styles in the world.

The Salsa and Cha-Cha allow couples to be really flirty and euphoric on the dance floor. They can be performed to both moderate and fast music, and are fairly easy dance forms to learn.

The Tango is known for its smoldering heat, fire and passion. It is punctuated by precise footwork and an intensity of movement which display an impetuous ardor and emotion in the dancing couple.

The Rumba is so filled with rhythmic sway and beautifully fluid, sensual footwork that it is sometimes called “The Dance of Love.” By design, the Rumba’s patterns are created to portray a sense of flirtation, and to highlight the passion between the partners.

Wedding dance lessons in Houston with your partner.

Give Yourselves Time and Resources to Create This Beautiful Moment

Many events happen in our lives that don’t allow for much pre-planning, but usually we give ourselves time to think of how to include all the dream-details of a “perfect” wedding. When you think about dancing at your wedding, don’t forget the details for making your “First Dance as Mr and Mrs” the perfect moment of your dreams. This will involve enough time and instruction to prepare your vision. River Oaks School of Dancing is the best resource in Houston to start your marriage off on the right foot, with dance lessons to create that romantic wedding first dance.

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