Take Your Dancing To The Next Level

Dance is both art and craft. It taps into our love of learning and the inherent joy of moving our bodies, which as children we do with such freedom and ease. Dance allows us to gain access to emotion made physical with beautiful, rhythmic movement and careful timing. The dancer brings alive the visual expression of feeling.

Make the commitment to learn the craft and blossom as an artful dancer. Do it as a promise to yourself to express your emotion more fully, or to have fun like nothing else can provide, or to hold a partner and with every move convey your feelings for that person. Your dancing then becomes a work of art, a true and loving gift to yourself to your partner!

It takes time and instruction to develop dance skills. Progress is measurable using the excellent system of categorizing dance skill found in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level Programs. This system of incremental learning, is designed for the student  to build skill in dancing figures with increasing complexity. What kind of skill is developed at each level? What exactly are the differences expected in dancing as my skill level increases? Let’s take a look.

General Variety Program

This very popular beginning dance program provides four basic figures for four to six dances, usually Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, and Swing. Instruction develops dance elements such as your posture or dance frame, footwork, and timing for each figure, and free movement around the dance floor. The General Variety Program also includes learning and strengthening your Lead/Follow skills to give you confidence to get out on the dance floor.

Bronze Level Program

The Bronze program is the full social standard in nine dances. Proficiency at this level of dancing will be yours to keep, as you will never forget the elements of each dance. It will strengthen your Lead/Follow skills to the point that, no matter who is your partner, you will feel confident. The techniques you will learn will make your dancing look natural, while timing and variations will allow continuous movement around the floor. Your dancing personality will develop as you learn the different stylings in each dance. Achieving mastery of your Bronze Level Program is the fun point in dancing where you no longer have to think about anything but enjoying yourself and your partner.

You are truly a FULL FLEDGED DANCER!

Silver Level Program

The Silver program standard is dancing with a high degree of styling and social flair. Flashy movements make this standard stand out on the dance floor. Styling helps the Silver dancer develop an individual character – solidifying the differences between the smooth and rhythm dances. Technique is very important to develop continuity movement, which allows a couple to glide around the floor with many changes of direction. This standard is the beginning of the showy, flashy dancer, definitely noticed on the dance floor.

Gold Level Program

The Gold Program standard is truly star quality dancing. It is dancing at a level ideal for the avid dance-hobbyist or competition dancer. The intricate patterns are only used when both dancers really know what they’re doing. Choreography, styling, technique, and showmanship are necessities in this standard. This dance level cannot be used on a crowded social dance floor. The smoothness and control of this standard make it beautiful to watch. It is necessary to work hard to achieve and maintain this standard, but dancers with such dedication will truly be regarded as outstanding and able to excel in any dance there is to perform


Where are you headed for your next level?


River Oaks DancingTake Your Dancing To The Next Level