Dancing Performance: The Fast-Track to Dance Mastery

We encourage you to mark your calendar for 8pm, May 5th, 2017, and save the date to attend our Spring Showcase Performance. Our students and staff will be dancing their well rehearsed choreographies to music from “Around The World,” to create a display of such joie de vivre, we guarantee that the room will be positively electric! Let’s fill the audience areas of our ballroom,  as we welcome enthusiastic observers to enjoy the energy and pleasure of such toe-tapping excitement!

One of the performers in our 2016 Winter Showcase, “Through The Decades,” described a conversation with a non-dancing friend. He was asked by that friend, “why do you do this?” An avid golfer, he tells us that he reflected on the “why?” and realized that it felt like the same reason  he enters golf tournaments. What reason was there for working to refine technique at that sport if he never put it to the test? Hence, tournament entry! For some dance students, like that golfer, the challenge of performance is like a “self-test.”

Often, once the love of dancing begins to bloom for a new student, it taps into a passion that becomes a lifetime commitment! Have you watched or remembered someone who inspired you to learn to dance? Have you thought or even said out loud, “I want to dance like (you fill in the blank.”)?  When you’re learning to dance, working toward an inspiring vision supports positive energy and commitment. Besides just plain FUN, your dance lessons become your refiner’s polishing tool, as you work your dancing into beautiful condition. Preparing to perform in a dance showcase provides the learning advantage of fast-tracking your dance skills with a tangible goal. You focus on the goal of showing off beautiful choreography to an appreciative audience of friends, family, and fellow students. This is one reason why we offer our Showcase events. Our students deserve this learning advantage!

We know the idea of performance is very exciting and super-fun! Most of all, we know it will make you into a better dancer. Think about it. Talk to your instructor about it. Come and watch on May 5th at 8PM. And when you’re ready to see your dance skills rise to new heights, sign up to prepare and perform in the next showcase.

River Oaks DancingDancing Performance: The Fast-Track to Dance Mastery