Foxtrot Lessons in Houston

What is the Foxtrot?

The Foxtrot is renowned for its progressive, smooth rhythms distinguished by long and continuous movements. It’s normally danced alongside vocal music while playing upon natural rhythms and portraying a waltz-like personification.

Foxtrot Origins

Foxtrot dance lessons in HoustonCreated in the 1910s, The Foxtrot peaked in popularity within the 1930s. It’s a commonly practiced classic dance today. The Foxtrot is considered “deceiving”, as it looks wonderfully simple yet requires some practice to master.

Originating in the Victorian era, The Foxtrot was titled both the “One Step” and “Two Step” dance, respectively. The Foxtrot emerged again in later generations beneath the name “Castle Walk” and was captured through American performers. Danced by Irene and Vernon castle, the “Castle Walk” became incredibly popular, rising to power in 1913.

Harry Fox, a stage performer situated in Vaudeville, tweaked the dance by quickening its steps. This change appealed to New York social dance teachers. The Foxtrot in its proper name was born. The Foxtrot has since evolved across the years, becoming increasingly comprised of advanced, fluid, and soft movements.

Foxtrot Music

The Foxtrot is engaged within a four-four rhythm. Foxtrot music normally displays four recurring beats, spread across even timing. Normally, Foxtrot music deploys an accent within each bar’s first beat, offering a non-jerky baseline for performers while suggesting smooth movements across the dance floor. Focusing heavily upon weight transfer, The Foxtrot maintains eloquence beneath the feet of experts, becoming something more than a mere dance when performed properly.

Foxtrot Characteristics

The Foxtrot maintains a collection of distinguishing traits. The dance is commonly performed with smooth and continuous movement, relying upon undulating sounds for repetition and breadth. Foxtrot rise and fall isn’t as pronounced as Waltz music, though its inclusion is apparent throughout the dance.

In beginning foxtrot dance lessons steps are simplified, and as you progress through the figures it becomes increasingly challenging, technical, and beautiful. The Foxtrot is essentially the classic ballroom dance, perfect for an elegant first dance, and is still commonly seen on dance floors today. It is an excellent choice to accompany the jazzy rhythms immortalized by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and others.

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